2020 PAD Scholarship

The 2020 PAD Scholarship involves a period of study in Germany for a successful applicant from the 26th of June until the 26th of July, 2020

(not including travel time).


Application is open to students who

– are between 15 and 17 years of age at the time of the course

– do not have German citizenship, who have never been to Germany and who are not planning to participate in a German exchange program

– are in Year 11, or an exceptional student in Year 10 (cannot be in Year 12)

– have excellent German language skills, and have studied German for at least 2 years

– are Australian citizens, or who have been permanent residents for at least 3 years

– already have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity past the end of the course (sorry, time is too short to apply for a passport at this point)

– possess the ability to integrate into a host family and participate actively at school, adapting to new situations, culture, language and people.

The following documents, some of which are attached, must be completed and returned.

Please both scan/email AND send by post, to;

Olivia Chapple

C/- Pulteney Grammar School

190 South Terrace,

Adelaide 5000


1. PDF fillable Personal information sheet (Personalbogen) (this form says it must only be filled in electronically, but if it doesn’t work, please print, fill in, scan and send)

2. Photo

3. Copy of passport (page with photo and personal details)

4. Parental agreement (Einverständnis)

5. Health report (Gesundheitszeugnis)

6. Recommendation from the student’s school, as per the Infoblatt

7. Two pages of original writing from the student: one in English, explaining why the student personally would like to win this scholarship, and one in German, introducing themselves and telling us about their interests and their life so far (approx 200 words each)

Emailed applications must be received by Tuesday 3rd March. The posted applications may arrive shortly after.

Shorlisted applicants will be advised that they should attend an interview at Pulteney Grammar School, on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th March, from 4 pm.











Any event, competition or subsidy that is supported by SAGTA is funded through the fees of its membership;
it is a condition of application for any of these that the teacher is a current financial member of SAGTA.